Miniclip FRIV y8

I will start by simply saying that FRIV Miniclip has to be, in my opinion, one of the best FRIV gaming sites out on the internet today.
It is currently the world's largest online FRIV games website with almost 50 million FRIVunique users each and every month. It is now even recognised as being a global brand.
It was originally launched in 2001 and FRIV since then has been massively popular and experienced extremely fast FRIV worldwide growth, and remains a privately held company. But the best thing about this website is that the FRIV games are all FREE! Robert Small, the owner and CEO has already been described as one of the best entrepreneurs in Britain.
The games: FRIV Miniclip FRIV offers a massive range of 
games with over 300 titles to choose from. These games vary from being educational to massive multiplayer games for hardcore gamers. Some are designed to be enjoyable and generally fun whilst others much more challenging.
The games are easy to find with a variety of different categories to choose from, for example:
Action, sportsshoot 'em up, puzzle, multiplayer, 3D, kids games and this last could go on for ages.
All the games are very easy to get to grips with and the majority require very little effort with only a few keys needed and possibly the mouse. Of course some of the more complicated games will require more controls but these will be clearly stated.
Once you have selected a game and click on it they will load very quickly and will be of perfect size to take up a maximised proportion of the screen. There is also a summary of the game and a simple 2guide" on the controls along with simple diagrams for example of the mouse. The graphics for the games vary depending on the game but most have suitable graphics and once which seem much better quality than other game websites i have played.
You are also able not only to play the 
FRIV but also to send them to your friends by email or even have them appear on your own blog or website.
There are also features in which it logs your recently played games and you can also add your favourite games to a list and easily find them when you wish.
New games are always being added with several new FRIV games each week and these will appear at the top (under latest games), so it is always worth visiting regularly to see if you've missed out on any great games!
Personally my favourite games would have to be:
- Heli Attack 3 - one of the best FRIV games on the website in which you are a soldier and have to fight off hoards of enemies including helicopters. It just becomes FRIV complete mayhem with everything blowing up!
- Club Penguin - a great online multiplayer world in which you make a penguin and can make friends, play games, earn points and then buy loads of coll accessories.

The website:
The website is clearly much more 'upmarket' compared to your average gaming website. Due to its success and having so many videos it is clear a lot of effort has been put into creating a great looking website. It is very modern and not to overwhelming with white and blue colours. This also makes it very easy to navigate.
I am also very pleased and keen on going on this website because it has none of these annoying pop ups and no stupid adverts telling me I've just won a million pounds. Instead it has just a few 'proper' adverts for companies like Orange, and there is only generally one on a page - the rest i devoted purely to games.
The whole website is easy to navigate and get to grips with. There is also a list of all the games in alphabetical order - just try some random ones out - most of the games are good anyway.
There is also links at the bottom for further information and help if it is needed. You can even change the language to a variety of other languages.
There is even a section where you can download or purchase slightly larger games which are not suitable for free play online.
There is also a free newsletter you can sign up to so you don't miss a thing in the world of Miniclip.
There is also a FRIV Miniclip merchandise shop where you can purchase t-shirts and even create your own designs with the Miniclip logo or even a variety of different pictures from games and other great things such as text.
Of course if you want to find out more about the website or  FRIV games then you can visit the website and check out the forums and speak to members about anything to do with the website or just for general chat.

This website is the best FRIV gaming website in the world and you should definitely have a look and see what it's like. There are so many games to choose FRIV from that it is suitable for anyone from kids to FRIV gamers to you guys at work who are always bored during the lunch break (you know where to go now!). Oh yeah and remember the games are completely free FRIV and there is no sign up needed!
Thanks for reading.