If you or your kids are looking for free online games to play, Friv Games is a website that offers just that. It is a company based in London that offers these free flash games to anyone who logs on to the website. The start up is really quite simple that even young children can start the game by themselves. You simply go to the website, click on the game you wish to play and it loads instantly. Immediately, you have a free game to start playing or a game to keep your kids entertained while you do a bit of work. There is no need to provide personal information or sign up for an account, so no actually log in is required.
There are usually approximately 101 games offered on the site at any given time. The games are laid out on a single page with many different categories to choose from: puzzle games, girls games, car games, dress up games, y8 games, action games, collecting games and many more random games. There really is something for everyone to enjoy on the site, for young boys and girls as well as adults.
You will find titles that are not really known as well as some popular well-known games that most adults will probably remember from their childhoods, such as Super Mario Brothers and other Mario games. Plus, there are popular games that kids these days will recognize such as Dragon Ball Z. Other games that are recognizable include DiDi, Birds, Jogos and other exciting chasing games that offer adventure. You can even find a board game to play, funny games and great kids games on Friv.
New games are periodically added to the site for fresh content and weekly games. But how does this website afford to offer free games to all its users? There are advertisements for paid games of course. These are usually displayed as users wait a minute for their game of choice to load. Of course, these games are not entirely high quality. The graphics are not that great, but that is to be expected when getting something for free. However, the games are still really cool and can be a great way to relax for a few minutes or they can provide something for parents and children to do as a family activity.
Friv games may provide a bit of nostalgia for adults, as they introduce their children to the simple games that were around from back in the days when Atari and the original Nintendo were the only gaming options available. New games like those found on new gaming systems such as the Nintendo Wii or the latest version of Sony’s Playstation offer intense graphics that make the games seem like real life. While Friv games cannot compare when it comes to quality of graphics, what they do provide are those simple and best games from the old times that nearly everyone loved and still can not get enough of.
The greatest part about Friv games is that they offer easy to play games online. Before you start, simple commands are displayed on the screen so you know how to play the game.Just by pressing keys on your keyboard, you will be playing fun games before you know it.The games start off easy at first to give you a chance to learn how to play. Then they progressively get more difficult. Since the loading and setup time is very short, these games are perfect for break time at work or even school. Or if you work at home, these online games can be a great way to split up the monotony of your day and reward yourself for working so hard on your projects.