Fun free  FRIV games online

David was first to play. He randomly picked an icon and clicked on it. A  FRIV game called Power Pamplona showed upThe goal of the  FRIV game is to avoid being hit by a bull, just as in real world Pamplona, famous worldwide for the San Fermín  FRIV festival, in which the running of the bulls or encierro is one of the main FRIV  attractions. It involves running in front of a dozen FRIV bulls that have been let loose in the town's streets.
David liked the  FRIV game, but found at times that the FRIV  commands were a bit sluggish. I tried it later myself and it seemed ok to me. It might  FRIV have to do with the fact that our computer is old and that the browser window was open to its fullest FRIV extent (which makes it a bit harder on the processor).

Now with Jacob. He played  FRIV Invention Suspension, where the player flies a FRIV helicopter and grabs (with a magnet) the items needed to build the intended FRIV invention. All of this takes place on a "blueprint" background. A nice little  FRIV game.
After that, Jacob played a series of 2 to 5 minutes games. Never did I see a gun or tank. Not a single drop of blood has been shed. Nothing exploded. No harsh words were exchanged. No violence. Nearly no advertising! Rarely these days will you find a website that clean.
Then came my turn (for the record, I'm 35). Jacob suggested I try FRIV Learning To Fly, a game where a penguin uses a ramp to gain speed and a  FRIV glider and a rocket to fly the longest distance possible. With each successful flights, money is gathered and upgrades  FRIV are available. I reached the goal in 25 days (25 turns). Go ahead and tell me in the comments how you did on your first try!
I liked it A LOT. But hey, as soon as there is a penguin  FRIV involved, I'm hooked!